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This Course has been designed in accordance with the 2017 guidelines of the NSW Government Department of Justice.

The ASPIRE Traffic Offender Course is an approved Course Provider of the Traffic Offender Intervention Program and the New South Wales RMS Driver Education Course. 

It is delivered over two consecutive weeks online via Zoom.

  • The Law, the impact of traffic offences and crashes

  • Speeding

  • Drink Driving

  • Drug Driving

  • Fatigue

  • Mobile Phone Use & Distraction

  • Vulnerable Road Users

  • Vehicle Maintainence & Vehicle Restrictions


Each module will commence with your Teacher presenting slides developed by the NSW Government ‘Towards Zero’ road campaign. You will then be involved in group and individual learning activities to consolidate your learning from the material contained in the slides.  This is an educationally sound Course, based on key adult learning principles, which you will find both enjoyable and rewarding.  You will be issued with your own ‘Study Guide’ which you must use throughout the course before returning it to the Facilitator at the end of each day. 

The learning activities (including presentations from experts) are engaging and more importantly will leave a lasting impression on you.  The more you participate during the Course, the more you will learn.

Your Teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They have a sound knowledge of the law, particularly relating to traffic offences and have extensive teaching with several also having extensive policing backgrounds.  They will draw upon their own professional (teaching and policing) experience in helping you pass this Course.  Learning should be enjoyable and at Aspire we know how people learn differently. 


You will be expected to sign a Code of Conduct document at the commencement of the Course.  When you complete the Course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion (which cannot be used at Court) and the Court and your Solicitor will be provided with a Local Court Report by our Business.


The cost of the ASPIRE Course is $175

Should you have any questions about this Course, please contact us via email or by phone.

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